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Review: 1/72 WWII Allied Vehicle Accessory and Stowage set type 1 (ET Model J72-010)

WWII Allied Vehicle Accessory and Stowage set type 1 (ET Model J72-010)


1/72 Armor Scale modelling has been gaining popularity over the last years. E.T. model is quick to respond with it’s #J72-010 WWII Allied Vehicle Accessory & Stowage Set.

The set consists of PE, resin and ‘cardboard’ parts.

The Kit

PE parts

The PE parts of the Allied accessory set will give you the fuel drums (complete PE ‘kit’) as well as belts and handles (for the resin jerrycans etc).

The Photo Etched is very thin, which helps to provide a scale-realistic thickness to the PE. The Photo Etched parts easily get off (small attachment points) and are easy to bend and use. The Allied fuel drums are very simple of construction. It features some very nice lettering on the top cover of the fuel drum.


A nice touch in the stowage set are the cardboxes. The paper used for the ration boxes is very thin and already provides a good base color for the cardboard. The cardboard is very easy to handle, just use some tweezers and woodglue to finish the boxes. The lettering is clearly readable mostly, which is a nice touch.

The ration boxes are however quite big with regard to the scale. Maybe add some (even) smaller boxes the next time?

Resin parts

The 1/72 resin accessory and stowage parts are moulded in a very light color, quite soft resin. This, again, makes the parts very easy to handle the canteens, jerrycans, mats and other stowage. It is easy to remove the items from their attachment points. Detail is good for this scale. A nice mix of bags, canteens and jerrycans is included.


The Stowage & Accessory instructions are clear, but unfortunately not complete. The Photo Etched parts for the American and British fuel cans are not stated. However, when you are familiar with them or use the Internet, this will solve the problem. You can also check on the E.T. model website where photos of a completed set is given.


Keep in mind that this is a 1/72 scale and not 1/35. There are not many 1/72 accessory and stowage sets out there so E.T. Model did a great job for the 1/72 scale modeller
The stowage and accessories are of good quality and make a very complete accessory set for your WWII vehicle.

This set is highly recommended!


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