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Military Scale Modelling

Review: 1/35 Tentpack & Bedrolls (Verlinden Productions 230)

Tentpack & Bedrolls (Verlinden Productions 230)


For some people, just building a model isn’t enough. Those people want to add stuff to their vehicle or just want to put some ‘live’ in a diorama. For those people resin is within a short reach. Resin mostly looks very sharp and crisp.

The Kit

This Aftermarket tenpack and bedroll set by Verlinden gives you a small insight what resin can look like. It has everything in it, dept and height so with a wash and some drybrushing you can get a really nice extra touch to your vehicle or diorama.

This little kit contains 5 items.

  • 1 big tent pack
  • 1 smaller pack
  • 1 single roll
  • 1 double roll
  • 1 triple roll


Absolutely a nice set to give your model that bit extra.


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