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Review: 1/35 T-90A Russian MBT (Meng Model TS-006)

T-90A Russian MBT (Meng Model TS-006)


Meng Model is a relatively new model kit manufacturer from the far east that is already loved for their accuracy and attention for detail.

They have different dinosaur series that represent a vehicle type, the Tyrannosaurus represents battle tanks. The latest addition to this series is the Russian T-90A Main Battle Tank with kitnumber TS-006

The T-90A is the Main Battle Tank of the Russian Army and is the successor of the T-90 MBT. As of today the T-90A is on of the most advanced battle tanks in the world. The T-90A is equipped with a 125 mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore gun, a pair of auxiliary machine guns and the Russian Shtora-1 combined electro-optical countermeasures suite to protect the tank against laser guided weapons.

The T-90A entered service in 2005 and replaced the older T-72’s and T-80 tanks.

Nowadays the T-90A is forming the backbone of the Russian ground forces.

The Kit

To create a model of the most correct Russian battle made so far, Meng co-operated with Alexey Khlopotov (better known as Gur Khan). Gur Khan works and lives at the biggest tank factory in Russian where this T-90A is being produced and engineered. Gur Khan has, as he says himself, the most complete knowledge and reference material on the T-90 in the world, so Meng did a good job contacting him!

Gur Khan has been involved in the one year development of this model and made sure this is the most correct Russian battle tank out so far!

The great features Meng Model added that make this T-90 really stand out from the rest are a full engine system with the option to display the engine deck in open position, workable suspension, great detailed track system and some detail on the turret interior.

More on this in the review below

The Model kit consists:

  • instruction sheet
  • a piece of text by Gur Khan explaining his involvement
  • information on the actual T-90
  • 10 regular sprues
  • 1 sprue with clear parts
  • 16 sprues for the tracks!
  • upper hull piece
  • lower hull piece
  • turret piece
  • decal sheet
  • 2 small Photo Etched sheets
  • 1 PE mask for painting the tires
  • gun mantlet
  • 2 crew helmets
  • a piece of rope

In this in box review on the T-90A I will guide you trough the steps in the instruction manual and give my opinion on the steps and detail of the parts.

The Box

I have to be honest, this box is the nicest I have seen yet, the painting on the cover looks great and the quality is great as well. The box is sturdy as well and gives good info on whats inside and the available options for painting the model.

Instruction Sheet:

The instruction sheet is equipped with a beautiful colored cover where a T-90A rolls trough the sand, the T-90 looks really cool on this picture especially with the red lenses on the turret.

Next to see is the piece of text by Gur Khan where he describes who he is and why he is the best person to be involved in developing the T-90A model.

An informative text about the T-90A is next, on this page are illustrations as well where Meng Model shows you what the exterior pieces on the T-90A are, see the picture I included. The illustrations are really nice and answer all your questions on ‘what would that be?’.

Step 01

You start off with the idler wheel, drive sprocket and road wheels of the T-90A. In total two idler wheels and drive sprockets are made and 12 road wheels.

The detail on the parts looks really good!

Step 02

In this next step you work on the lower hull piece. You will attach the lower glacis plate in which you need to dril four holes for other parts to attach, you will also attach other small parts such as guidance wheels for the tracks and work on the idler wheel assembly.

The lower hull piece looks really nice with a lot of attention to the bottom of the hull. When the tank is finished you will not see this, but that did not stop Meng from recreating this part. Please see the picture to know what Im talking about.

Step 03

In this step you will attach the self-entrenching device to the bottom of the hull. Again, it’s great to know Meng paid attention to the bottom of the tank, it gives you that extra level of detail and completeness.

Step 04

Now here comes the great part, the T-90 has a workable suspension with torsion bars that can move like they do in real life! In step 04 you will recreate this. In my build review I will go further into this, so like our Facebook page or follow us on other social media to stay updated.

Step 05

In step 05 you attach the rear plate of the T-90A and attach some parts on the drive sprocket area.

The detail on the rear plate looks amazing, there are some bolts there that look really sharp and crisp.

Step 06

Here you will attach the previously created road wheels, idler wheels and drive sprockets.

Step 07

After you applied the wheels and so, Meng wants you to create the track system on which they paid a lot of attention and brain. The tracks are build like they are in real life and thus exist of a lot of parts! Check the pictures of sprue ‘H’ to know what I’m talking about. Meng created a smart system with help pieces to create the tracks, it looks really good and should result in some great looking tracks instead of those rubber tracks provided by most brands. Only disadvantage I can imagine is that you would have to spent a lot of time on creating them, but well, you get some great results!

In my build review I will tell you how I liked this system created by Meng.

Step 08

Attaching the previously created tracks to the hull piece is done in this step.

In my build review I’ll dig deeper in the track system.

Step 09

Another great feature of this model is the option to display the full engine compartment of the beautiful T-90A MBT, I personally really love this! In this step you will work on the engine!

Again, detail looks great and crisp, you will use some Photo Etched parts here as well.

The amount of parts to create the engine indicate that a lot of attention is paid to the engine part by Meng!

Step 10

Here you will attach the engine and place some engine compartment walls and other details. Like said before, this is a great feature! Thanks Meng!

Step 11 & 12

The upper hull is next in process, you start with attaching the front glacis plate to the upper hull piece and attaching parts to the glacis plate itself. I’ve taken a careful look at the glacis plate and again, am amazed by the level of detail on it and the crisp molding! I understand why this kit price is above average.

Step 13 & 14

The front fenders are created and attached in step 13 & 14. The detail on the fenders is great, again….

Step 15

In step 15 you will attach PE grills to the hull piece. Great they made this out of PE material.

Step 16

You will work on the exhaust port from the engine in this step. It will make the engine compartment look great! Some PE is used here for some more grills.

Step 17 & 18

Multiple hull pieces are attached in these steps like marker lights and other stuff.

Step 19

The engine deck is attached here, like said before you can either close it or display in opened position, the supports for the fuel drums are attached and some more stuff.

Step 20 & 21

In this step you will work on the headlights that exist out of four and five parts respectively. With a quick look that seem to look great and complete!

Step 22 & 23

Here you will work on the side skirts assembly. The side skirts look great and have some nice natural curves in them like the real rubber ones have. Lots of parts are used and they all look great!

Step 24

In this step you will attach the log to the back of the hull and place another piece of the engine deck. Tow cables are attached as well, you will use the rope Meng included to create the tow cables.

Step 25 & 26

In this step the fuel drums are created and installed on the T-90 The detail looks great and it is great Meng included the fuel pipes as well!

Step 27

In step 27 you will work on the barrel of this beast. The barrel exists out of eight pieces and should look great when completed. I just hope the seam lines will be easy to fix.

Step 28 – 32

In these steps you will work on the turret exterior and some interior parts. Some interior parts visible from outside are included like the control panel etc. on the exterior you’ll attach roof armour plates, smoke dischargers, laser probes, night vision sights, hatches and the gun mantlet. The nice detail on the gun mantlet is that it is made out of rubber, so its flexible!.

Step 33 & 34

In these steps you will create the IR Shtora lights, you know, the red ‘eye’ looking things on the turret! The supports look complex but great, the lights itself are amazing! Meng did a fantastic job on the detail of them, take a look on the detail on the picture of ‘sprue G detail’ to the right. The moldings are so crisp.

Step 35

In step 35 you will attach the explosive reactive armor plates to the turret, again, the molding looks very fine!

Step 36 & 37

The storage boxes are created in this step and attached in the next step (37). Other parts like ammo boxes and the smoke dischargers are attached in step 37 as well.

Step 38 & 39

In these two steps you will create the commander’s cupola, looking at the instructions it looks like a complex but great assembly with a lot of attention to detail!

Step 40 & 41

In those steps you will assemble the anti aircraft gun that will fit on the commanders cupola. Detail on the gun looks great with drilled out hole and all. It will look mean on the commanders cupola!

Step 42 & 43

The final steps! In the final steps you attach the commanders cupola and barrel to the turret. All the effort in the previous steps paid out and you created an amazing T-90A by this moment.

Painting options

Meng Model gives you the option for the following version:

  1. 27th separate guards motorized rifle brigade of Moscow military district, Russia Victory Day parade 2011
  2. 27th separate guards motorized rifle brigade of Moscow military district, Russia Victory Day parade 2012
  3. 19th motorized rifle brigade of North Caucasus Military District
  4. 27th separate guards motorized rifle brigade of Moscow military district, Russia Victory Day parade 2008
  5. 27th separate guards motorized rifle brigade of Moscow military district, Russia Victory Day parade 2009
  6. 27th separate guards motorized rifle brigade of Moscow military district, Russia Victory Day parade 2010


Meng Model did another amazing job with the help of Gur Khan and created a stunning T-90A kit with great features such as an engine compartment, workable suspension and amazing detail on the plastic parts. Meng Model is really proving their professionalism with this, and their previous kit and starts to get a real good reputation.

We are looking forward to what Meng Model will bring us in the future.

Here’s my video review! Feel free to leave feedback and responses!


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