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Military Scale Modelling

Review: 1/35 Modern Portable Coolers with dented empty bottles (DEF Model DM35013)

Modern Portable Coolers with dented empty bottles (DEF Model DM35013)


Coolers and water are very welcome for personnel in warm combat area’s like Iraq or Afghanistan. Not many solutions are present for the diorama builder that wants to add this to his modern diorama. DEF Model has created a set with three coolers (one with a separate cover), 10 dented bottles in different forms, six intact PET bottles and decals for the bottles

The Kit

DEF Model delivers you three coolers all different. The from grey resin casted coolers look amazing with very sharp detail. The coolers with separate cover is a great idea because you can actually put PET bottles in it. The cover fits perfect on the cooler. The circular formed cooler comes with a resin handle that has to be glued in place (see picture)

The dented bottles are all slightly different, so no dented bottle looks the same. The casting is top class with great detail in the bottles. The included decal sheet helps you create dented Coca Cola bottles or water bottles.

The intact PET bottles are top class as well with three different bottles times two, so six in total. Again the decals help you create brand bottles.


DEF Model has create some very nice bottles and coolers at the price of $9,99, you’ll get well worth for your money in my opinion. This set is great for some eye catchers in you vehicle’s interior or in a diorama.

Thanks DEF Model!


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