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Review: 1/35 Merkava 4 basket set (Legend LF1178)

Merkava 4 basket set (Legend LF1178)


If you want to build an Academy 1/35 Merkava IV you haven’t got much options as for the basket. The original kit only gives you an opened option. Also the ball and chain in the kit are pretty basic. So if you want to upgrade those things, this is the resin kit you might want to look for!

The Kit

It’s just a small box and on the sticker you can the parts from this resin kit, small as it is you can still call it multi media. What’s in it?

  • 8 grey resin parts
  • A small PE fret
  • Copper wire
  • A chain of links
  • A chain of balls
  • Instruction leaflet

Resin parts: Some beautifully casted resin parts. The biggest and therefore the most eyecatching is the the rear basket. Other parts are the rear hull baskets, 3 ‘cloths’ for ID numbers, a bag you could hang on the rear hull basket and two small antenna’s. All parts looks good and crisp, a small hole here and there in the bigger parts are occasional but are easily filled. The most trouble probably will be getting the casting blocks of for most.

PE fret: Contains the metal parts on which you will attach the ball and chain.

Copper Wire: You will use this to make the ‘hook’ to attach the ball to the chain.

Chain of links: The chain for the ball and chain.

Chain of balls: The balls for the ball and chain.

Instruction leaflet: A small leaflet with pictures on it which show how things are supposed to look in the end. Not much help is given so it can be intimidating if you are new to modeling or resin.


A great aftermarket set for you Merkava IV if you want to give it that full look. Making this ball and chain though will be a quit a bit of work and not that motivating for some but when it’s done it will look much better than the flat Academy kit ball and chain.


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