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Review: 1/35 Mantlet Cover for Centurion (Type B) (AFV Club AC35009)

Mantlet Cover for Centurion (Type B) (AFV Club AC35009)


No plastic kit is perfect, there is always something missing or not ‘historical correct’. In the case of the AFV Club Centurion ( or Sho’t Kal ) kits there is lack of mantlet covers. Luckily AFV Club made these mantlet covers for those who aren’t skilled in scratching one.


The Kit

The rubbery cover is a joy to the eye and will look great on a model, you must be a very skilled scratcher if you can make it look better than this. The only point i have against these kind of parts is that i think it should be in the kit itself in the first place, but on the other hand it was realy cheap.



A good looking mantlet cover which is cheap, it can’t get any better than that, so if you have an AFV Club Centurion or Sho’t Kal and if you want a mantlet cover and you are not able to fix one yourself (or if you think this just looks better) this is the item to get (note that there is also a Type A AC35008).


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