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Review: 1/35 Magach 6B Gal conversion set (Legend LF1111)

Magach 6B Gal conversion set (Legend LF1111)


When the IDF bought the M60 tanks in the late seventies they quickly started upgrading these tanks. Some different versions and upgraded were produced. This upgrade kit is all about the 6B Gal version which has some little differences compared to it’s predecessors. Starting with the 6A, it was the standard M60A1. The 6B had quite some differences, for instance the commander cupola was removed, Rise was added and some other differences. The 6B Gal version was different to the 6B by a larger and square rear basket, large housing for new GAL fire control system and oil can box on right rear fender.

The Kit

In this small brown Legend box you get a lot of yellowish resin parts for making this conversion, you’ll also need a donor-kit because it’s not a complete kit. The content of the Legend set is:

  • Colored instructions
  • Upper turret
  • Lower turret
  • Basket
  • Bag of resin parts
  • Copperwire in different sizes
  • Wire and rope

Instructions: A colored A4 sized leaflet that shows the numbers that belong to the different parts and explaining the build by pictures. It’s clear after a quick look that this is not something you should start if you’re an inexperienced modeller. They just show the finished pieces and assume that the modeller knows how to get to the same point.

Upper turret: One piece turret with a nice touch on the skin to replicate the uneven surface of the real vehicle.

Lower turret: Actually nothing more then the lower disc, dryfitting shows that it will be a bit too small, but you won’t see this at all because it will be on the bottom of the turret.

Basket: A real nice looking addition to any model, it will give your Magach that stuffed look. On the bottom it has some air bubbles on the inside this is clearly visible on the picture. I don’t know if this is just my conversion set, or in all the sets.

Bag of resin: Lots of different parts, Rise panels, machineguns, smoke dischargers, the main gun and others. The first thing most people will look for in this bag is the main gun that looks really nice! All the other parts look great as well.

Copperwire: Has some different functions for example the front light guard as this is different from the standard M60.

Rope: Not even mentioned in the instructions but probably intended for towcables.

PE: A thick rigid set. Hard to fold, but when it is in it’s position it won’t bend the other way that quickly.


A nice conversion set if you want to make a specific 6B Gal version. But if you don’t mind which IDF Magach version you’ll build, my advice is just to go for the Italeri M60 Blazer (click) as it is cheaper and doesn’t need a donor-kit.


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