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Review: 1/35 M60 Blazer (Italeri 6391)

M60 Blazer (Italeri 6391)


At the end of the seventies the Israeli Army began to use large numbers of the US M-60 tanks. The Israeli’s are well know for heavily modifying their armored vehicles. The protective armor and the extra machine guns are probably the first things noticed different from the standard M-60.

The Kit

Buying this (reboxed) kit has a little bit of a story to it, as I had purchased the Legend Magach 6B Gal conversion kit at a meeting a while ago. For my birthday I got a gift certificate for a local hobby-store and I ordered the first and cheapest available M-60 I could order. It turned out to be this IDF version. Upon opening the box at home I was quit stunned by the good level of detail on this kit that I actually ended up buying an old Esci M-60 for the Legend set because it would be a shame not to use the Italeri parts. I will also be comparing this Italeri to some parts of the Esci and Legend so you can understand why I bought the extra M-60. Also it’s said that the Italeri M-60 comes from Esci, and although that might be true the Italeri is much sharper detailed. Anyhow, back to the kit. What do you get?

  • Instruction sheet
  • Lower hull
  • 4 light grey sprues
  • 1 metallic looking grey sprue with tracks
  • Mesh
  • Decal sheet

Instruction sheet: Good simple and clear instruction sheet. A bit of background information on the front, and on the final pages the decal options. The thing that bugs me most on the options page is that Italeri states that this M-60 needs to be painted in ‘Flat Sand’. If you look around at the grounds of Latrun tank museum in Israel you might indeed think so, but in fact Israel is using the grey/greenish color since the early 1980′s for almost all their vehicles.

Lower hull: Although there is a big piece of excess plastic in the middle from the moulding and a bit of flash here and there, a great looking piece of work. Good detailing on the welds.

Sprue A: Turret and Upper hull ( that’s been cut of for the photo’s ), a little bit of flash and moulding lines on some parts but great detailing. The metal skin of the M-60 on the hull and turret look really sharp, as do the smaller details. Just look at the comparison pictures and you immediately understand why I bought another donor for my Legend set. The Italeri turret has even sharper rivets then the resin Legend turret!

Sprue B: A mix of different parts, brackets, suspension, the rear part of the tank and parts for the turret basket. Good detailing but also on this sprue some flash and moulding lines.

Sprue D: Road wheels mainly, and some parts for the toolboxes. Good rivet detail on the wheels but quit some flash on some parts.

Sprue F: Track parts, link and length. I can’t really say that I am really impressed with this sprue. Looking fairly nice but on the inside there are pinmarks that are very visible.

Sprue G: The main gun, machine guns, reactive tiles, smoke dischargers and some other parts. Also on this sprue a good level of detail, really sharp work by Italeri. But like the other sprue’s flash and mould lines are the big cons. On the inside of the hatch there is a big pinmark which would take some work if you wanted it open. The stretcher looks good and the wooden crate is a thing of beauty. The main gun looks nice but it’s always tricky to get two halves looking good when put together especially because it’s always a big part of focus on a tank. The protective tiles will look good and sharp when finished.

Decal sheet: Looks good and have four options which have not been specificly named as to what division or company. This could have been done better in my opinion.


It’s a good detailed kit will look sharp when finished but it will need some work to get everything tidy. There are some cons, but I’ll give it a fairly high score because of the good detailing.


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