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Review: 1/35 M109A2 Self Propelled Howitzer (Kinetic K61006)

M109A2 Self Propelled Howitzer (Kinetic K61006)


The M109 is an American 155mm self-propelled howitzer, first introduced in the early 1960s. It was upgraded a number of times to today’s M109A6 Paladin. The M109 family is the most common Western indirect-fire support weapon of maneuver brigades of armored and mechanized infantry divisions.

The M109 has a crew of six: the section chief, the driver, the gunner, the assistant gunner and two ammunition handlers. The gunner aims the cannon left or right (deflection), the assistant gunner aims the cannon up and down (quadrant). The M109A6 Paladin needs only a crew of four: the commander, driver, gunner and ammunition loader.

The Kit

At the moment you take the box in your hands you immediately notice the imposing boxart. On the front you see a British version of the M109A2 going full speed through the desert, waving up dust and in the background you’ll see the oilfields burning like we all probably recognize from the images of the Gulf war in 1991.

The Content

When you open the sturdy box you’ll see 4 bags of sprues and 1 bag of black tracks. The other sprues are sandy in color. Then there is the instruction sheet with good and clear drawings. Other then you might have been used too, this build start with the turret! Finally you’ll find the decal sheet printed by Cartograf which looks excellent!

When we pull of the plastic we notice 13 sprues. 2 sprues with wheels and suspension, 6 sprues with the other pieces to build this M109A2 and the other 5 contain the link and length tracks.


Generally the first thing you’ll notice is that this kit is reasonably detailed but that it’s not like the level of detail you might have gotten used to by companies like Dragon. One of the more positive things you notice is the fact there is very little to no flash or very clearly visible molding lines. Personally I’ve noticed the nice machinegun which has holes in it like the real thing. Some flash in here but if you clean this up it will look very nice!

The tracks are, like I mentioned earlier, link and length and are in sprues but they don’t have those ugly sinkmarks which I find very positive because it ensures you won’t have to do a lot of cleaning. So you can call the quality of the tracks good too.


I have all faith that this kit can be brought to a very nice final result although the detail-purist won’t be so satisfied with some parts.


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