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Review: 1/35 M1070 Truck Tractor PE set (ET Model E35-131)

M1070 Truck Tractor PE set (ET Model E35-131)


Even a great kit like HobbyBoss’s M1070 truck tractor can be extra detailed with Photo Etched material. ET Model has shown this by creating this great set that covers the full exterior of the M1070 HET truck. The ste exists out of 7 Photo Etched sheets and 7 A4 sides of instructions

The Kit

The PE replaces some PE parts from HobbyBoss but most of it covers detail not provided by HobbyBoss. You would ask why ET Model replaces some of HobbyBoss’s PE parts, well I found ET model’s Photo Ecthed pieces far easier to bend and the detail like bolts are better visible, they have sharper edges.

The PE set comes with seven sides of A4 sized instructions, painted on green paper, like all ET Model’s instructions. The instructions have very clear drawings, I have had no problem figuring out ‘how to do it’ so that’s a good thing!

Below the instructions are shown, take some time to read them if you are interested. It covers a lot of pieces like the engine hood grill, mud flaps, straps, ladders, detailing of the towing system, the exhaust, storage boxes with full hinges etc.

I have fully used this PE set in my M1070 build and experienced no problems, only some challenging moments like bending the vertical exhaust cover on top of the rear platform. Other challenging, well more boring moments were when you need to add the bolts manually to the bigger PE pieces, but hey, ET Model did a great job by adding them so you get more detail!

I really liked the fact that the storage boxes can be opened and closed by creating real hinges for the doors of the storage boxes. Opened storage boxes give you the chance to add some nice diorama details!


This set is a great addition to your M1070 truck! With the extra details such as ladders, storage space and more realistic thicknesses of parts you will get a beautifully detailed M1070 truck tractor, thanks to ET Model!

If you’re wondering what this set covers, please check the scanned instructions above, if you’d love to see more pictures of this set being put to use, see my M1070 build log.

A overview of all the PE sheets and few pictures of the build can be found between the photos


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