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Review: 1/35 M1070 HET Interior Set (Real Model RMA 35239)

M1070 HET Interior Set (Real Model RMA 35239)


HobbyBoss released one of their most anticipated kits a short while ago, The M1070 Truck Tractor with M1000 trailer. This is one impressive kit with lots of details, but aftermarket manufacturers always jump in to create more detail sets to make your M1070 even better looking!

Real Model, is a great company from the Czech Republic that creates high quality resin kits, conversion sets and accessories.

Real Model has created several upgrade sets for the M1070, from their beautiful engine set to the Crew Protection Kit (CPK). In this review we will look into the interior set by Real Model.

Real Model has worked together with Eduard to create some really nice and handy colored PE pieces to fresh up the interior of your M1070 HET.

The Kit

Whats included?:

  • Seatbelts (colored PE)
  • Windscreen wipers (PE)
  • Corrected dashboard (resin)
  • Dashboard gauges and other details (colored PE)
  • MRE boxes (food boxes)
  • Water boxes
  • Finescale modeller magazines
  • Pringles boxes

All in 1/35 scale to fill up the M1070 interior!

The seatbelts are in a bright blue color with a lot of detail. The seatbelt itself exists out of multiple items, the belt itself, the securing system, the black box where they roll into, check the pictures and manual to know what I’m talking about

The windscreen wipers are great as well but need to be painted while all the other PE is pre colored PE.

Hobbyboss made a mistake with the dashboard piece, they created a wrong angle. Miloslav, the founder of Real Model noticed this and recreated a new resin dashboard piece with the right angle. The resin dashboard piece looks great with no flaws noticed.

The most noticeable parts in this set are the colored PE dashboard pieces, gauges, plates and more. With the pre colored PE you will save yourself a lot of struggling with your brush since you do not need to paint them anymore. The applied pieces look amazing on the interior. I attached some pictures of the M1070 interior with the PE pieces applied, it looks great right? Note that I did not weathered the cabin with oils and such yet, that will make it even look better and less shiny.

At last Real Model included I sturdy paper sheet with prints on them to create MRE boxes, water boxes, magazines or Pringles boxes. The prints look great and the variety is great to make the M1070 cabin look very nice and original.

Im sorry for the heavy watermarking on the image of the paper sheet but this is necessary to prevent people from copying them from my page without paying.

If I did not watermark the image like this Real Model’s sheet will spread and Real Model might sell less of them.


This interior set by Real Model is a great addition to your M1070 HET with time saving and easy to use colores Photo Etched details and a corrected resin Dashboard. The price of $21,99 is average if you ask me, not cheap but not too high as well. Real Model did a great job on this set!


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