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Review: 1/35 M1000 Trailer Photo Etched set (ET Model E35-133)

M1000 Trailer Photo Etched set (ET Model E35-133)


E.T. Model is one of the two aftermarket manufacturers that created a photo etched set for the HobbyBoss M1000 Trailer at this moment, Voyager Model makes one as well.

In this review I will review E.T. Model’s PE set #E35-133 for the M1000 trailer created by HobbyBoss

The Kit

The Gooseneck of the M1000 HET

I started with the “gooseneck” of the M1000 trailer, this is the neck of the trailer that connects the trailer bed with the M1070 Truck. E.T. Model has added some nice extras here such as straps for the wheel clamps, the pulley of the small crane, and a lot of extras for the small engine between the two support beams. Most of the PE parts are replacements for what would otherwise be polystyrene parts from HobbyBoss. The replacement parts are closer to the real thickness and have sharper detail such as bolts and nuts. The Photo Etched sets also adds small things that cannot be achieved with polystyrene plastic, such as small clamps or locks and so on.

The Gooseneck will have some nice extra detail after you applied the Photo Etched set #E35-133.

The M1000 trailer bed

We continue the review with the Trailer bed that has some very nice additions! Most impressive to me were the support columns located at the front of the trailer bed, the control box located on the right front side, the storage box located on the left front side and last but not the chain and spring system to keep the ramps on the rear in place.

Other additions are workable anchor points, so when you want to put something on the trailer bed, like a AAVP-7A1, you can really strap it the way it would be done in real life.

The ramps on the rear of the M1000 HET are partially updated with the vertical connection plates, HobbyBoss had thick polystyrene ones that you have to cut of and replace with thinner Photo Etched ones.

The wheel chocks are very nice but HobbyBoss provides them in Photo Etched material as well, but E.T. Model’s are a little more detailed and can be made workable, so you can take them of when you’d like.

One very nice detail are the clamps on the rear support columns, they are very accurate and look very nice.

The instructions

The instructions are very nice and have clear pictures of how and what to do. It shows every step with letters so you can easily locate the place where the parts should be on the model


HobbyBoss provides a beautiful kit with a lot of detail on it already, and lots of small Photo Etched sheets. The average modeller would be satisfied with this or simply not have the time or patience for an extra Photo Etched set.

E.T. Model takes it one step higher and gives us the option to build an even more accurate M1000 Trailer. Off course it is not easy to apply, but the modellers who worked with PE before should not have problems with this set.

E.T. Model has done a great job on this set and I have not discovered major flaws or “impossible to create” parts in the manual.

The extra details achieved with this set makes this Photo Etched set highly recommended for the modeller who want to take it one step higher!


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