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Review: 1/35 IDF Centurion Shot Mk.5 1960-Shot Mk.5/1 1967 (Six Day War) (AFV Club AF35159)

IDF Centurion Shot Mk.5 1960-Shot Mk.5/1 1967 (Six Day War) (AFV Club AF35159)


At the end of the 1950’s IDF bought the Centurion tank. When the 1967 Six-day war broke out IDF had about 385 Centurion including Sho’t (the vehicles were given this name after some upgrades) tanks at their disposal. By then it was clear the crews weren’t very happy with it and it would be upgraded and modified in the early Seventies. This kit is about the first vehicles in IDF service.

The Kit

I was so lucky to get my hands on a ‘special parts’ edition. This means you get an L7 105mm barrel with it, so take note this barrel is reviewed but might be missing in your kit. It’s a small but firm box and it is filled to the edge with plastic and other goodies. The content of the box:

  • Instruction sheet
  • 12 green sprues
  • 1 clear sprue
  • Part F8 (loose part)
  • Lower hull
  • 2 lower turret halves
  • 2 aluminium barrels (note: 1 barrel is a ‘Special parts’ item)
  • Tracks
  • 2 photo etch sheets
  • 6 springs
  • Poly caps
  • Rubber wheels
  • Wire
  • Spare tracks
  • Resin part
  • Decals

Instruction sheet: An A4 sized manual with some background information of the vehicle on the front. The instructions are nice and clear and divided in 24 steps. On the last few pages you find the painting and decal schemes followed by a parts list. There is a small piece of paper included for the extra barrel you get in the bonus edition.

B sprue (2x): A small sprue filled with different small parts like the ends of a towing cable, parts for the exhaust, handles and towing eyes. I can’t help but say that everything looks great, nicely detailed and crisp.

C sprue: This sprue contains parts for the upper deck along with some tools. Again everything looks so good, just looking at the clamps on parts 3 and 4 gives you the idea this will turn into something great.

D sprue: This is the clear sprue, it looks nice detailed but als has a bit of hazy look to it.

E sprue: Is about the wheels and suspension. Again you will be amazed by the great detail. The nuts and bolts and the welding seams, everything looks superb.

F part: A loose part which is named in step 16 to put on the front glacis. I don’t know exactly how this piece will be fitted right now but it  probably will get into place when the time is there.

H sprue: Contains the side fenders, the drives, mudflaps and other smaller parts. I especially like the texture on the drives. It catches the eye immediately.

H2 Sprue: A small sprue with some smaller parts but i guess you won’t use lot’s of parts from this sprue but perhaps some for the 50 caliber machinegun which was used on this vehicle.

I sprue: This sprue is mainly about the turret. The most eyecatching part here is the top of the turret. Again everything looks so well detailed and crisp.

K Sprue: A small sprue with the 2 sideskirts. It would have been nice if these parts were separate. But these probably will cause little trouble if you decide to separate them.

N Sprue: A small sprue with different parts and the machinegun mount.

S sprue: Two small sprues with Jerry cans and the end of the tow cables. Details again look good here.

Lower hull: A nice and sturdy tub with some nice detail like the welding seams.

Lower turret halves: Nice detailed pieces of the lower turret but they do have a little bit of flash on it. There is a nice casting detail on it and also the other details look really good.

Aluminium barrels: These are the extra’s I really like. A one piece metal barrel which to me always looks better than two plastic halves. And that in the 20 pound variant and an L7 105mm. Both barrels look great, and will compliment the model.

Tracks: Some people don’t like one piece tracks but these look nice enough though. Although they have a little flash here and there, no ejector marks are visible on the tracks and that is always a good thing.

Photo etch: Two different frets, they feel a bit thick but probably will do the trick.

Springs: These will be used for the suspension in order to make it a ‘working suspension’. Nice touch for those who like it.

Poly caps: for the wheels and the main gun.

Rubber wheels: I am not sure what to think of these. They look nice enough, but how they will look after a few years after your model has finished I don’t know.

Wire: for the towing cables.

Spare tracks: Loose tracks which will be the spare tracks on the tank. They look nice but do need a little touch up because there are sink holes present.

Resin part: A nice little part but it will need some cleaning behind the handle.

Decals: The decals look nice and are made for 3 options and all 3 options are for the 10th Armor Brigade, Samaria, West Bank, Israel 1967. I don’t know if this is an error in the instructions or if it is correct.


This is another great kit by AFV Club! It shares a lot of parts with the other Sho’t Kal I have previewed here (AF35124) but as this is one of the earliest vehicles used by IDF, and knowing their reputation of modifying, it will make a different vehicle. The multi media kit combined with it’s great detail will make for a beautiful model! Only a little bit of flash was noted but the lack of a mantlet cover is the biggest disadvantage in my opinion.


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