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Review: 1/48 E/A-18G Superbug shockers (Afterburner Decals 48-061)

E/A-18G Superbug shockers (Afterburner Decals 48-061)


The EA-18G Growler is a specialized version of the FA/18F Super Hornet meant for electronic warfare.  The Growler will replace the now rapidly aging EA-6B Prowler

The Kit

There are a few 1/48 Growlers produced by Hasegawa and Italeri. This set allows you to make something other than the standard inbox versions. The package contains:

  • 2 sheets of decals
  • Stencil placement
  • Color scheme
  • Options for 5 different planes

Option 1: EA-18G 166894 VAQ-132 March 2010. This option is perhaps the most noticeable version with the black tail and red scorpions tail and red letters.

Option 2: EA-18G 166895 VAQ-132 February 2009. This option has a low vis scorpions tail.

Option 3: EA-18G 166856 VX-9 September 2008. This option has a wolf on the nose, a white tail with a round blue and orange marking.

Option 4: EA-18G 166858 VAQ-129 February 2009. This option also has a wolf as noseart, the tail is in red and grey with a sword and a lightning beam crossing eachother.

Option 5: EA-18G 166642 VX-31 February 2009. This option also has got a wolf on the front but a low vis devil on the tail holding a gun and a rocket.


A nice decal set with some cool options which will look nice on a model. The decals were reasonably easy to put on the model but did need some set/sol to sink in the panel lines. Minor points in my opinion are the placing of some decals, they are all over the stencils and aren’t  numbered. Also you can’t do all options because some decals are used in 2 options or aren’t there five times.


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