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Review: 1/35 D9R Doobi Armored Bulldozer (Meng Model SS-002)

D9R Doobi Armored Bulldozer (Meng Model SS-002)


The latest addition to Meng Model’s assortment is the D9R ‘Doobi’ Armored Bulldozer, it is the second kit in the so called Stegosaurus series. The Setgosaurus series represents aiding vehicles like recovery vehicles, bulldozers etc.

The D9 bulldozer has been used by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) since 1956 and is one of the best bulldozers in the world. In October 2003, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) developed an all-new armor protection suite called ‘Daqhpor Memugan’ for the D9R bulldozers which are heavily equipped in the IDF. This armor suite consists of an armored cab with high visibility as well as protection for engine, fuel & oil tanks and hydraulic and electrical systems.

The D9R bulldozer offers good protection and could even protect against RPG attack after being fitted with slat armor. Light weapons like machine guns can be mounted on the top of the cab for self-defense. It has been proved to be an efficient and durable combat support platform. A funny fact, the D9R is called ‘Doobi’ by the IDF engineers, ‘Doobi’ means teddy bear.

The Kit

Upon opening the beautiful box we get:

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Information on the actual T-90
  • 17 regular sprues
  • 2 sprue with clear parts
  • 5 sprues for the tracks!
  • Decal sheet
  • 1 Photo Etched fret
  • some rubber hose to replicate the hydraulic hoses
  • 4 polycaps

In this in box review on the D9R I will guide you trough the steps in the instruction manual and give my opinion on the steps and detail of the parts.

The Box

The D9R Bulldozer kit comes in a beautiful sturdy big box.

Just as in my T-90A review I am amazed by the quality of the box, so same story with this kit.

On the front of the box there is a high quality picture of a US D9R standing still in the Iraqi desert. On the sides the different painting options are displayed as well as some information on the vehicle itself.

Instruction Sheet

The instruction sheet is equipped with a beautiful colored cover with the same picture as the boxart on it. When you flip the cover you’ll get some nice and good to know information on this amazing piece of engineering. A few pages further you’ll find a page with five different versions of caterpillar bulldozers, there one with SLAT armor as well! Who will provide us with SLAT armor? Let’s hope the aftermarket sets follow quickly.

The instruction itself follows and has 39 steps with very clear and nice instructions.

Step 01

We start off with the lower hull of the Bulldozer where the ripper and shovel blade are attached to. In this first step we will use the two biggest parts of the kit and create the body. I’ll probably say this many more time in this review, the detail is great and the casting quality is spot on, the details are very crisp! Very good job by Meng Model.

Step 02

We continue with the lower body and attach some plates to the hull piece. Those piece contain air intakes or outtakes and the grills look really good on them!

Step 03 & 04

Next up is the powerful ripper that goes on the rear of the D9R. Nothing special noted here. Nice feature of this kit is that the ripper will be moveable !

Step 05 & 06

Here we will attach the ripper tool on the previously created body part of the D9R. After attaching the ripper tool you will create and attach four hydraulic pumps that move the ripper. Meng Model provided bolts on sprue A that you will need to cut off and glue on the hydraulic pumps. This means extra detail, so great job Meng! Attaching those bolts afterwards probably means crispier detail as when it would all be casted in one time.

Step 07

The cab base is made in this step. The detail on the details are amazing on this parts. The hinges and locking systems of the storage spaces are very crisp!

Step 08

In step 08 you will start with the cab interior! Meng Model did a great job by carefully recreating the cab interior with all the interior pieces!

You’ll start of with the control panels, again, great detail on the pieces!!

Step 09 & 10

The gunner and driver seats are created and attached in those steps.

Step 11, 12 & 13

In those steps you will assemble the cab armor pieces and attach them to the cab itself. The nuts and bolts on the armor plate look really crisp! It amazing that this can be reached without resin material!.

Step 14, 15 & 16

External cab parts are assembled and attached in the next three steps. You’ll attach things like holding bars, platforms and use some PE as well.

Step 17

The windows are assembled and attached in step 17. Off course Meng Model provides the option to display the windows in opened or closed position. The windows come in two different colors, completely clear and a blueish toned version. It depends on the version you want to create what color you will use. Check the picture of sprue T to see the colors

Step 18 & 19

When looking at those steps you’ll be impressed by all the small parts you will need to attach. You will attach the roof armor with radio equipment on the bottom (ceiling of the cab), holding bars, lifting hooks, platforms, lights, antenna’s, ID plates (PE) and apply some fine decals. After those step your cab will look even better with all this detail!

Step 20

Now this is what I like! Attaching hoses to the model. Meng provides a flexible rubber hose to create the hoses on the bottom of the cab. The hoses will later be attached to the ripper tool with the other side.

Step 21

This step is only used when creating a Israeli version (option B or C). the MG will be attached to the cab roof and some fuel drums will be attached as well.

The MG looks impressive on such a vehicle! It’s a shame the US version does not have this option, but that’s just how it is… and nothing to blame Meng Model for.

Step 22 & 23

Now you will attach the cab to the lower hull part and attach the hoses from step 20 to the ripper tool.

Step 24

From now on you will be busy creating the complex looking running gear. One running gear exists out of two big running wheels, eight small ones polycaps and two big body parts. The detail on the body parts look amazing check the detail shot of sprue H. The part looks very complex but with great detail! Must have been a complex mold!

You will need to create two running gears in total, one left and one right.

Step 25

In this step you will create the large drive sprocket that’s above the running gear. At the end of this step you will attach them both to you D9R Bulldozer.

Step 26

I think this step is the one most modellers will not look forward to, you’ll create the complex track system. Each track exists out of 43 track links and each link exists out of three different parts as far as I can note.

That’s not a bad thing off course! It’s just time consuming but will provide you some great looking workable tracks! I’m sure the result will be astonishing!

Step 27

On top of the shovel blade are the lights, Meng Model did a great job recreating those! Each light exists out of five parts. Meng Model gives you different options on the light, it depends on what version of the D9R you’ll want to create.

Step 28 & 29

Some external parts such as the exhaust, fire extinguishers, ID plates and more are attached in those steps.

Step 30, 32 & 33

Finally we start with the impressive shovel blade. In those steps you’ll start with the hydraulic system that drives the shovel blade. The hydraulic cylinders look great and complex with a lot of detail on them! Just as with the lights, there’s some slight variation in the assembly of the hydraulic system depending on the version of the D9R you want to create.

Step 33

Here you will attach some hydraulic hoses made out of injection molded plastic, so no rubber hosing. The parts contain a clearly visible flash line that needs to be removed. That’s one disadvantage of this step.

Step 34 & 35

The previously created lights will be attached in this step along with some more parts around it. Nothing special here, that means great crisp detail again!

Step 36, 37 & 38

Now we will really start with the shovel blade itself, it’s huge! The blade exists out of approx. 40 parts! You will need to attach some separate bolts to the parts here just like in step 05. The shovel blade will look amazingly detailed when completed I guess and is moveable when attached so that’s great!

Step 39

The final step! You’ll simply attach the shovel blade to the D9R and you’re done!


The decals are printed by Cartograf and look great and very sharp! I have no doubt we’ll have any problems with those.

Painting options

Meng Model gives us three versions:

  1. Bulldozer of the United States Marine Corps, Iraq, 2004
  2. Bulldozer of the IDF 603rd Combat Engineers Battalion, Second Lebanon War, July 2006
  3. Bulldozer of the IDF Combat Engineers School Bahalat”z, August 2008


Meng Model did another amazing job and created a stunning D9R Armored Bulldozer. It’s great Meng brings us a plastic version of this impressive vehicle! I think the D9R will look great on my M1070 & M1000 truck / trailer combination!

I got nothing left to say except that Meng Model keeps their standard very high and we’re curious what the future might bring us!

I made a video as well! Feel free to view it and leave some feedback


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