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Russian river cuises by S-Cruises

Russian cities and towns are amazing as much as the local environment. The majority of big cities and towns are located along the banks of rivers. River cruises are a great method to explore these stunning areas, known for their rich history and stunning views.

It is possible to visit numerous places in a short amount of time, without getting exhausted. You don’t have to travel for long distances like the majority of tourists do, or pay money on transportation such as a taxi. You won't get lost even if there are no navigational aids or maps. Our guides will help you.

It is possible to visit big cities such as Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. Other routes will lead you to smaller towns with great history like Uglich or Kalyazin. The variety is vast that you will surely have found the best option for you, even if have already visited Russia before. Every year, we create new waterways so that you can have unforgettable vacations with us.


Sometimes, deciding on the most suitable destinations to visit is difficult. If you are traveling with children or on a romantic getaway an alone journey is going to be memorable, as we found the most interesting and beautiful cities for you. Only the top professionals are part of our crew, whose primary objective is to help make your traveling experience more enjoyable.

You will have excursions every day (but when you're tired or not interested, you can skip some of them). The expert guide makes it easy to get the most important details about all the places. Also, it's enjoyable even for children.

There is a club for the most young passengers. And for the rest of the family There are plenty of ways to entertain guests onboard, such as bars and restaurants, fitness classes, dancing masterclasses chess, and darts tournaments.


Our modern ships will ensure that you don't have worry about losing your luggage or wrinkled clothes from your suitcases. It is because you can travel with your home! Your home will also be included, along with your cabin. You will feel relaxed and at ease on our seven vessels.

All the cabins have televisions, large comfy beds, refrigerators and air conditioning, hair dryer and a lot of other facilities. We have delicious, sophisticated food onboard so you don't need to fret about it. So you can relax and forget about all that difficulties.

Booking hotels is not required. So even if you don't know any one word in Russian, it is ok because our guides will be with you in every town and city. The programs for excursions will be offered in English as well as Russian.


We will delight even the most eager traveler. The site offers a variety of options so that you can pick the most suitable.

River cruises are an excellent way to get to know Russian traditions and culture better. We provide to our clients brief lectures on Russian culture and history. Russian language classes are offered. While it's not feasible to master Russian during the holidays, we can help you pick up some phrases that will be useful in your home country.

Our company has been operating since 2004 and already made many people from across the globe happy. Over 100 000 miles and a lot of happy customers have been a part of. We're waiting for you!


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