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Best Voodoo Love Spell | How To Cast Real Magic

Best voodoo love spells

Best voodoo love spells


Knowing that many readers won’t believe that the best voodoo love spells can be cast at home, we consulted with spellcaster Maxim SPELLSHELP, one of the leading African magic sorcerers, and he confirmed it’s true. Maxim is a famous and one of the most innovative enchanters alive and he says that Haitian sorcery requires an ability to enter a state of trance. It’s not easy even for experienced shamans who have to sing and dance to drum music for hours. Upon accessing an altered state of consciousness, their subtle body goes on a journey to the world of spirits to get help from those of them who are willing to provide some services in exchange for human energy.

Maxim is the founder of one of the most popular esoteric websites with multiple articles about it. Essentially, his website is a small voodoo encyclopedia. You can read Maxim’s articles free of charge and without registration and learn everything you need to know about voodoo.

Maxim states the subject of voodoo hasn’t been exhausted yet. So he decided to give some more tips to voodoo users and share the information that many real voodoo love spell casters tend to conceal. Maxim’s goal is to prepare them for the rituals they are going to perform at home.

Maxim believes that when you love, you have enough inner strength to create a cast of your feelings and transfer it to the soul of the person you want to date or marry. This cast is a traditional energy-information program that stays effective for three to twelve months on average.

This is how long the feelings will last. You won’t be able to re-enchant your loved one because his soul will reject the spell. However, it won’t be able to reject a spell cast by a trained sorcerer. Professional spells, such as, for example, spells by spellcaster Maxim, are more powerful and therefore more effective and bring lasting results.


Voodoo doll spells


To cast a voodoo love spell, you need to make a voodoo doll. Perhaps you know that voodoo doll love spells are the key tools in voodoo. In keeping with the best traditions, I’ll tell you about one of its most popular rituals.

To make a voodoo doll, buy three thin candles. They should be flexible to not break or crack when you bend them. Ask the seller what they are made of. You need candles made of extra virgin bee wax – wax that came to the workshop right from the bee farm where it was turned into a candle, as opposed to processed or recycled wax.

Apply some hand cream or odor-free vegetable oil to the candles. Spread a sweater or a shirt that belonged to the target on your bed. Put the candles on top of the sweater. Then lie down on top of it, with your face down. Spellcaster Maxim believes you know where the energy centers are located in your body. They are also known as chakras. Press one of your chakras to the candles to charge the doll with your energy.

As per spellcaster Maxim, below is how each of your chakras will impact your future relationship:

- The first chakra – you’ll be good and loyal friends, you’ll always have fun together;

- The second chakra – your sex will be so good you won’t want to leave the bed;

- The third chakra – you’ll be providing for/provided by your significant other;

- The fourth chakra – you’ll be spiritual soul-mates and your relationship will be described by others as “perfect”;

- The fifth chakra – the chakra of the sixth sense, it’s never used in love spells and can only tell you if your spell will succeed or not;

- The sixth chakra – it unites two smart and driven people who value ideas, insights and the ability to obtain knowledge;

- The seventh chakra – it’s not used in love spells either, because it’s too fragile and any damage can lead to insanity or other serious illnesses.

Voodoo love spell casters

Real voodoo love spells


Warm up the candles to be able to pull out the wicks without breaking the candles. Pull out all the wicks. While the wax is soft, fold one candle in half, pressing the ends together. Use your fingers to make the head and the neck of your future doll. Use the second candle to make the arms and the third one to make the legs. As a result, you’ll have a wax figurine that is your voodoo doll.

For any of the real voodoo love spells to work, the voodoo doll needs to be linked to the energy of the person it represents. Remember you have your loved one’s sweater (or something else). You put it on the bed before warming the wax with your body warmth. Use the sweater to make clothes for the doll. If the doll represents a guy, you’ll need to make:

- A shirt or a jacket;

- Trousers;

- Shoes.

If he’s an entrepreneur or wears a uniform, try to reproduce it. It can be:

- A suit (don’t forget to add a tie too!);

- A doctor’s uniform;

- A firefighter’s uniform;

- A police uniform;

- And so on.

If the doll represents a girl, it should wear either:

- A blouse, a skirt and shoes, or

- A dress and shoes.

You can add some accessories, such as beads made of playdough that look like the ones your lady wears, or a chain with a pendant that she never takes off.

However, it’s still not enough to influence the target through the doll. You need to get at least a few hairs of the target and attach them to the doll’s head. Attach them to the doll’s forehead and brush them up. If you have a nail clipping, wind it around with a white thread and put around the doll’s neck. Take a photo of your loved one, cut the face out with dull scissors, and attach it to the doll’s face.

Now squeeze it in your hands gently, close your eyes and try to imagine yourself inside of the wax figurine. Repeat your beloved’s name as fast as possible until you see a channel leading to the person you love. Move along this channel until you see your loved one at the end. Touch your loved one with your hand (you’re still imagining it) and slowly come back.

It’s important to travel to the end of the channel and back, without stopping. If you fail to come back, you’ll disturb your energy or subtle bodies. Perhaps, you won’t get sick after it but your spell won’t work, because there is no channel between the voodoo doll and the man/woman it represents.


Gay voodoo spell


Here’s one clarification for people who try to put a gay voodoo spell. Yes, this spell can be used by gays and lesbians alike. When you dress up the doll, decide on the gender role you want to assign to your partner. If your partner is more masculine, dress the doll up in a suit. If the target is more feminine, put a dress on the doll. It has nothing to do with sexism. It’s important to set up the right energy in a relationship and it’s normal that one of the partners is more masculine and the other one is more feminine. When it comes to a voodoo spells for gay, all rules must be observed. 


How to cast voodoo love spells


Voodoo to make someone fall in love

As for how to cast voodoo love spells, spellcaster Maxim says you should hide the wax doll in the house of the person you love and leave it in there for three days. If you’re not that close with the target, ask a mutual friend do it for you. Alternatively, if you, for example, have access to his office table, put it in one of the drawers and pray that it won’t be found for three days.

If someone finds the doll, the spell will be broken. If that’s the case, don’t try to continue or start over this spell or cast another one. Higher Powers have clearly shown you that your only option is to work with a trained spellcaster. To find out why many people are banned from performing magic, read earlier articles of spellcaster Maxim.

If everything goes well, get the doll back on the fourth day and wind its arms and legs around with a red thread. This would represent captivating the target’s heart and getting control of his soul to which you will pass your love. To this end put the doll on your right hand, cover it with your right hand and whisper the words of love. Do it every evening, including when it’s raining, snowing or too windy. Tell the doll about your dreams. Pay compliments to the doll. Kiss and caress it. If you’re not wrong and your love is indeed very strong, nine days later you’ll see some progress in your relationship.

If your voodoo to make someone fall in love doesn’t work, dismantle the doll. Put the clothes and the biomaterials in a box and pour some wax melted over an open fire over it. Put it all away. Then call a real sorcerer. Spellcaster Maxim offers a full spectrum of love spells and ceremonies to influence any man or woman, straight or homosexual. You can place an order on his website and he’ll get started shortly.


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