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Cancellation of your Anytime Fitness membership is handled differently depending on your specific home club, which is the club where you originally signed up for your membership. Anyone Fitness is a franchise organization, which means that each location may be basketball legends owned by a different individual. It is up to each individual owner to determine the conditions under which a membership can be canceled. It is recommended that you document the terms of cancellation in the contract that you sign at the start of your membership, including accepted reasons and whether or not advance notice is required. If you have misplaced your contract, you should contact your home club to obtain a replacement or for specific instructions on how to cancel your membership.


Any communication you have had with Anytime Fitness regarding the cancellation of your membership should be documented. Keeping track of your efforts will be beneficial if you run into difficulties with the cancellation or if legal action is required. Written letters sent certified through the United States Postal Service are the preferred method of communication. Communicating via email also allows you to keep track of your progress. If you have a face-to-face conversation with an Anytime Fitness employee, make a note of the time, date, employee’s name, and the specifics of the conversation.