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The art of teaching programming

Writing computer programs is very different from teaching someone to write computer programs. That a programmer does not have to be a good programming teacher for a long time, I’ll come back to that later. What this is about is the way the course content is designed – pay someone to do my assignment . Since you already have a free preview of the tutorial available, you can quickly see how the explanations of the sometimes complex relationships are designed. If you only see the teacher’s screen from the start, it might be a little difficult to understand the theoretical relationships. Just by showing you how to install software and typing in something given is how to assemble an IKEA shelf with instructions. You will definitely get that one shelf assembled, you also have the option to make minimal adjustments. But if you only have wood, screws, a saw and a screwdriver available afterwards, you are in a fix and don’t know where to start.

Programming is not just about typing code into the computer. Most of the work takes place in your head and on paper. You should be able to learn that in a course, the abstract processes and trains of thought to get to the goal using programming language – . This includes that explanations are not carried out exclusively within the program source code, because then it is assumed that you have already internalized these trains of thought. You will also quickly notice whether the explanations are technical, i.e. contain many technical terms that you do not yet know. Especially at the beginning it is difficult to work with technical terms because you have to concentrate on far too many things.

A good teacher gets by without technical terms and explains complex relationships to you using graphic examples that are easy to understand for the beginner – help with coding homework . Only then is there a change to the technology. Note: Explanations with simple examples. Of course, you won’t be able to program just based on the example. Now it is important to convert the knowledge to the technical level. Now the same thing will be explained again using the technology and a practical example will be shown.

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