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Key notation

What else does the correct presentation of the report imply? First of all write my papers writers says that this is the correct use of pictures. If student certification work involves the introduction of illustrations, then the images should be clear. Any fragments that are weak or inconvenient to read should not be on them. Illustrations are done in black and white.

Captions for illustrations are required. The text under the figure is typed in bold, 10 point type. Each image in the report is assigned its own number. The same goes for tables in the text. For this, approximately the following designation is used: “Table 2”. If the mark is put for illustration, then the designation takes on the format “Fig. 3 “.

List of references

When preparing a report, it is very important to create a special block dedicated to the bibliographic apparatus. The list of used literature is necessarily numbered. As a rule, the order is determined by the order of citation in the text of the work itself. In this case, the corresponding number is indicated in the report in the necessary places. The number is “locked” in square brackets, it looks like this: [6].

The list of used literature itself is formed at the end of the certification work.If you don’t like editing your work and forming used literature list, consider buying assistance on the service. As a rule, in reports this information block is marked as “Literature”. If the sources used have not been published, then the indication of links to them is considered inadmissible.

Scope of work and its format

Most university professors point out that the work should not be more than 5 pages. The volume is calculated taking into account the tables and the indicated illustrations. If the report is submitted so that it was subsequently included in the collection, then the material is presented in two versions. The work is provided in printed format (2 copies) and electronic. You will get all of these if decided to order report on the service.For such a document, the RTF format is used. To keep the material compact, it must be archived.

It will be necessary to attach an expert opinion to the material. It is this addition that indicates the possibility of publication of the work. Also, the material must be approved by the project manager. The work must be sealed with the seal of the organization for which it is being performed.

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