• James R Bingham posted an update 4 years, 5 months ago

    @boris-kamp I just got one of Hobby Boss’s 1/35 scale M1070 Truck Tractor & M1000 model kits and was wondering how to go about getting more of the duct materials as well as better looking rope materials partly because i might make a mistake plus i would like to find better looking rope material. Also i would like to add some chain like materials as tie downs to hold a tank model on its load.
    Can you give me some ideas on what i could use.

    • Hi James! Welcome aboard, great to have you here (-:

      Awesome that you’d bought this great HobbyBoss kit as well, it’s great fun!
      let me get at your questions:
      – for the duct I used HobbyBosses default duct that came with the kit. To give further detail I bought some more duct material on the internet. I’ve further upgraded the engine as seen here: Does answer your question, was not quite clear what you meant.

      – Regarding the rope, I usually create my own from very thin brass wire, what I do is braid them with my powerdrill, this creates perfect ropes for scale modelling! you can create whatever rope you want, very thin ones with 0.10mm brass wire and thicker ones with thicker brass wire.

      – I have this in my stock for use as tie-downs, unfortunately I have no time to finish up:
      they have small chains as well, very useful:

      Let me know if you have more questions!
      Are you currently building it or are you gonna?

      regards! Boris

      • Thank you for the links. and the ideas about the wire and drill use to make rope and tow cabin with.
        I was looking over the instructions and had just watched a video on line about building the kit and got to thinking about items that I might need or want to add to this kit. I am planning to get a set of crew figures, And I have a Abrams main battle tank model kit ordered too use as the vehicle being transported. Now after looking at the video and the photos you have posted. I am thinking of adding the armor and engine kits as well.
        I have been away from building models for a very long time.
        I’ve started back into model building WW2 military ground vehicles.
        And just happened to see this kit and fall in love with the idea of building it one day.
        I got some money from Christmas this year and decided to buy the kit.
        I know that I have a lot to learn about model building of today.
        That is why I am asking questions and watching on line videos.

        • You’re very welcome!

          Sounds like an awesome combo with the Abrams tank!
          If you need any more help feel free to ask more questions here.
          If you’re looking for guidance trough your build please post an build log here on the site and I’ll be happy to help you out when needed.

          Anyways, would be very cool to share our final result here (-: