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“Go!” Tang Zheng raised his gun and blasted the Iron-blooded warrior in front of him, knowing that he could not wait any longer. If he was surrounded by the other side, there was no chance of winning. Several laser cannons also shot over, exploded, and the one in front of him threw out a six-claw dart and shot Tang Zheng. Tang Zheng sideways flashed Frisbee, constantly shooting, Tieying’s MP5 also spewed out flames, because self-conscious will die, so the attack is more violent … It’s totally a wild style of dying together. Whoosh, the Iron-blooded warrior pulled out a steel soft whip, waved it at Tie Ying, hit him on the back, directly opened his skin and flesh, let him roll out, then pulled it to Tang Zheng, rolled his left arm, pulled it back very quickly, and then the wrist knife on the back of his right hand rubbed out with a metal trill and plunged into Tang Zheng. Go to hell Tang Zheng burst out a foul language, he knew that according to this speed, his muzzle just put straight, the stomach has been stabbed through, so no longer retain, into the range of five meters, the use of gravity suppression. As expected, the Iron-blooded Warrior’s stabbing action was at least three beats slower. If it were an ordinary person, even his arm would not be able to get up. Tang Zheng dodged and kicked it on the metal mask. With the help of the rebound inertia, he pulled away. The muzzle of the gun was just right at this time, and he pulled the trigger decisively. Zi,interactive kiosk price, boom, thunderstorm ball hit half of the face of the Iron-blooded Warrior, detonated, the whole head was blown up in an instant, a deformed and twisted mask flew out and fell on the floor, Tang Zheng even noticed the blood splashed on his face, disgusting to the extreme. No one was happy about the result, because the other soldiers of iron and blood attacked it, and the red laser cannons kept firing. Keep up with me. Tang Zheng’s heart is entangled. It’s too difficult to escape with Liu Nai. He is weak at all. Once he is entangled, he can’t protect her at all. Of course, if he gives up ginkgo here and treats her as a temptation,temperature screening kiosk, then everyone’s chance of survival will increase to at least 80%. Even if he gives up Tieying, it will increase to 50%. But Tang Zheng really can’t do this kind of thing. Brother Tang, your bronze sword. Ginkgo did not want to leave Tang Zheng’s backpack in the escape, so that Tang Zheng who saw this scene was even more unbearable, but also more determined to take them away, even if he was seriously injured. There are four minutes left, and it’s better to deal with three. Tang Zheng bent his legs, squatted down, and then shot at two Iron-blooded warriors 20 meters ahead like a spring. At the same time, he ordered, “Ginkgo, Tie Ying, hold on for two minutes.” Tie Ying snatched Ginkgo’s F-GUN, which was more powerful in his hands, and Ginkgo did not complain. At this moment, he began to throw grenades, pulled down the safety pin and threw them out. In a few seconds, more than 20 grenades were smashed out. Then in the subway station, the sound of explosions rose and fell one after another, digital whiteboard price ,smart interactive whiteboard, and there were orange flames and thick black smoke everywhere. The Iron-blooded Warriors saw the power of F-GUN and wanted to return to invisibility, but the stones lifted by the explosion hit them, leaving them invisible. Tie Ying did not save bullets at all, and almost blocked the way of the Iron-blooded warriors by strafing, compressing their dodge range. Tang Zheng pounced on it and continued to open the gravity suppression. The two Iron-blooded warriors drew out their spears and prepared to stab Tang Zheng to death. He wanted to pull the trigger, but the laser cannon on the other side’s shoulder fired a beam and hit the thunderstorm rifle. Although the rifle was not damaged, it was shot away. ***, this thing is really tough. Tang Zheng drew out the bronze sword, quickly turned sideways, rubbed the red beam of light, suddenly speeded up, sprinted past, and the bronze sword plunged into the lower side of the Iron-blooded Warrior’s throat. Tang Zheng knew that it was possible to lose the cold weapon after the stab, but there was no way, if only a knife in the body, can not kill the other side how to do? Such a good opportunity to attack is to fight for your life. Zi, sharp a class props cut iron such as mud, stabbed into the chest of the Iron-blooded warrior, instantly straight without hilt, because of the impact, its body fell back, but this guy before he died, the wrist knife in his hand also stabbed in the side of Tang Zheng’s waist, although it did not pierce the firefly protective clothing, the huge impact alone also overturned Tang Zheng. More than five meters, the gravity suppression was lifted in an instant, and the Iron-blooded Warrior, who had recovered his freedom, was immediately bombarded with a laser cannon, and the six-claw dart bomb was smashed out. Tang Zheng could only be exhausted and had no chance of close combat, but he picked up the thunderstorm rifle again. There are three minutes left. Had it not been for his endurance, Tang Zheng would have been out of breath and tired. How could he shoot with the Iron-blooded fighters? However, the fighters are becoming more and more unfavorable to his own side. Without gravity suppression, Tang Zheng will lose a great advantage. After all, the monster’s strength and agility would have been much stronger than human beings. This interval, Tie Ying finally harvested the results of the war, F right delete hit the left half of an Iron-blooded warrior, so that it turned into a half-ball of fire, and then burned all over the body, coupled with the grenade explosion, harvesting its life, but he and Ginkgo’s good luck is only here. We’re out of bullets! Seeing that Tie Ying was still foolishly aiming at the remaining Iron-blooded soldier and pulling the trigger, Ginkgo hurriedly shouted. Liu Nai’s M4A1, early hit the empty magazine to throw away, can only hold too knife dry to see anxious. Give me the bullets. Tie Ying hesitated for a moment, then cursed unceasingly, can not see the bullet entity used to sneak attack is really good, but he did not know the amount of residual ammunition ah, unexpectedly made this kind of Oolong, but Tie Ying did not care to lose face, because a chalkiness body, he may lose his life. Hide. Ginkgo just took out a magazine, has not been handed over, heard Tie Ying hurriedly shouted, and then the corner of the eye caught a six-claw dart shot over, hurriedly dodge, Liu Nai anyhow is also vigorous, successful dodge, but looking at the dart flying over the scalp, feeling the cold front texture from the iron above, a body of goose bumps. Chapter 40 Moster’s Trojans. Tie Ying robbed Ginkgo’s F-GUN, causing the death of an Iron-blooded warrior,face recognition identification, so the remaining one was judged to be the most dangerous level, as a key target, giving more attacks. hsdtouch.com