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  • Curt B posted 25 photos 1 year, 3 months ago

    @boris-kamp This was a 1/35 scale Dragon 3535 model kit M1A1 AIM Abrams tank, completed in December 2015. The mine plow was from the Tamiya M1A1 model kit. some scratch building was done to replicate some of the stowage on the tank. This model was built to replicate the tank “Answer To This”, which was involved in the April 2003 US Army…[Read more]

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    • That looks awesome @curtisbasner! I love the detail on it. Have you in any way been involved with the Thunder Run back then? The model looks great if you ask me and the pictures are nice too, especially if you have them in larger format, do you?

      I think your background info combined with the great M1A1 Abrams can make for a great showcase article…[Read more]

      • Thanks, Boris, you are very kind. No, I was not involved, have never been in the military; I have some physical disabilities from my youth that would have prevented my being part of any of our military services. I do have higher resolution versions of each of the photos I sent to you. Where would I send them? I know that trying to send them…[Read more]

    • Ah, I just read your other post, I will put this up in the showcase! only question is if you do have higher res pictures if possible, if not it’s okay. And can you list me what accessory’s you used in this build?

      • Boris,
        If you send me your personal e-mail address to, I’ll send you all the accessories used and all the high resolution images there, for you to do with as you please!

      • Boris, for “Answer To This”, I used:

        Dragon M1A1AIM Abrams, 3535,
        Tamiya US M1A1 with Mine Plow 35158 (just for the mine plow)
        Tamiya 1/35 Modern U.S. Military Equipment Set 35266 (for various stowage items),
        Paint color was Model Master Acryl Sand FS33531(4720),
        Live Resin 1/35 M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun, LRE35144, (for the Commander’s…[Read more]

      • Boris, I can send the remainder of the images I sent previously at the resolution of these 2, if this is what you want. Just let me know! answer-to-this-ft-stewart-model-6067answer-to-this-ft-stewart-model-6069

        Boris, I can send the remainder of the images I sent previously at the resolution of these 2, if thiBoris, I can send the remainder of the images I sent previously at the resolution of these 2, if thi
        • @curtisbasner, okay, hope your physical disabilities don’t limit you to much in daily life.

          Thanks for the list of items you used, I will add them and link them to the showcase!

          those last two images are amazing, how could you think they might not be suited for plublishing (-: ?

          Please do the following with them:
          – give them a descriptive name…[Read more]

          • Boris, thanks for the ‘wetransfer’ thing. I am sending all of the larger larger images right now. I’ll send along descriptions of each image after they all make it over. Glad you like the larger resolution pictures. Regarding my physical issues, I’ve dealt with it since I was 12 years old, so over 45 years. I’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t…[Read more]

            • You’re welcome! great, have not received anything as of now, will get here soon I guess. that’s good! I can image yes, wel you can perform your hobby, that’s really important (-:

              What do you think of my question in my previous comment regarding the Bradley build?

    • Hi @curtisbasner I still have not received anything, could this be?

      • Hi Boris,

        I tried sending the large resolution images, and received an error. I have been quite ill these last few days, and have not had the chance to try to send again. I am going for some tests today, and hopefully, once those are complete, I can try to send the large resolution images again. I am really sorry about this… It was not my…[Read more]

        • Hi Curt,

          Sorry to hear that! I wish you’ll get better soon, don’t even think about trying it again, your health is more important.
          I’ll patiently await your reply.

          • Hi Boris,
            Let us see how things go, regarding the Bradley build. I am awaiting the arrival of vehicle specific decals, which might not arrive un this coming weekend. I have more news on my health. I had an MRI (don’t know if that acronym makes sense to you) this morning (Wednesday), and it was detemined that my left leg is broken. So, we will…[Read more]

          • P.S. Boris, I have tentatively requested the opportunity to build another M1A1 Abrams tank for the Fort Stewart Thunder Run exhibit, which I hope to begin after the Bradley is done. This new model is the C22 M1A1 C22, called the ‘Columbia 2’ by her crew. I should, if I decide to through with that build, be able to do a full blog on the build…[Read more]

          • P.S.S. Boris, I am finding that even after living for almost 10 years of neurological pain, which I use narcotic pain medications to address, that the pain of a broken bone far exceeds the nerve pain I have lived with for all that time. The bone break is terrible, but oddly enough, they do not do much in terms of prescribing medication for the…[Read more]

            • Hi Curt,

              Sorry to hear that )-: I hope you will soon receive clarity about the longer term, that would be good to know.
              I’t’s good to hear you’re still looking at things from a positive perspective, keeping your mind positive will do wonders, keep that in mind!

              About the US system, yeah it’s pretty bad, especially compared the the Netherlands…[Read more]

            • Hi Curt,

              How are you doing these days?
              Still looking forward to your content, would you resend the pictures etc that failed the first time?

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