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Elien Spa – Relaxing Aroma Massage in Riga


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    Elien Spa – Relaxing Aroma Massage in Riga
    Aromatic therapy is an ancient science that is based on the use of the healing properties of pure essential oils obtained from natural sources in order to improve a person’s health and prolong his youth.
    Massage is an important part of aromatherapy. It combines the benefits of massage manipulations and the healing power of aromatic substances and has a beneficial effect on the work of the whole body and the psycho-emotional state of a person.
    At Elien Spa you can order the best Relaxing Aroma Massage in Riga
    Through special massage techniques, essential oils are injected into the skin, after which they are absorbed into the lymph flow and blood circulation, spread throughout the body and reach the true purpose of their purpose — they lead to absolute harmony of soul and body. The secret of such treatment lies in the fact that essential oils contribute to a faster warming up of muscles and skin, and the influence of certain odors allows a person to calm down and relax.
    Aromatherapy massage does not use deep, strong stimulation of tissues, in these procedures, as a rule, smooth circular movements and contact touches are used. Properly implemented aromatherapy produces a high restorative and immunostimulating effect, helps a person to relieve stress, be filled with energy and return a healthy, blooming appearance to his skin.
    Depending on the purposes of treatment, this massage can be general (full), when the whole body is massaged, or partial (segmental), when the effect is made on certain parts of it. General body massage with the use of essential oils is useful for a person for many reasons. It normalizes the work of the nervous system, improves the work of the respiratory system, accelerates the elimination of toxins and toxins from the body.
    In addition, aromatherapy improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. In addition, such a “fragrant” treatment protects the body from premature aging, smoothes wrinkles, restores mobility to the joints, relieves muscle pain, numbness and excessive tension.

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