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    Boris Kamp

    Before I started this build log I already made great progress with this build. Im sorry I didn’t take you guys along the ride from the start but here’s everything before the actual start of the log!


    Boris Kamp

    Last week I finished most of the detail work on the USS Essex aircraft carrier, below are the pics

    This is what the island looks like at the moment:

    Current State of the island

    Another Angle of the island

    I added some speaker boxes, they are only a few millimeter in size! Note the supports.
    Note the added speakerboxes

    Some more speaker boxes

    Another angle of the speaker boxes

    Here you can see the mast I built with the thinnest brass wire I could find

    The scratched Mast

    One more shot

    Another Angle of the scratched mast

    Almost fully equipped

    One last shot of the island before being painted!

    The shots above are test shots, and the guns and radars etc are not fixed yet, just temporarily.

    I am about to airbrush the USS Essex CV-9 ‘s island with its final color.
    Any big errors? Please let me know since I have 0.01% knowledge of warships.

    Thanks for watching!



    Boris Kamp

    The last few weeks I have been busy with the USS Essex Aircraft Carrier from Trumpeter.
    I want to get it finished in the coming months because this build has taken enough time.

    I have done the following since the last update:

    • Airbrushed the main island and done some minor weathering.
    • Added arresting gear to the flight deck
    • Added flotation baskets to the railings of the flight deck
    • Added some catwalks underneath the front and rear of the flight deck
    • Added the route to the rescue boat.
    • Airbrushed the vertical surfaces of the hull
    • Airbrushed the wooden part of the flight deck

    Please see the following pictures for the result
    The escape route to the rescue boat:

    The escape route to the rescue boat

    Here you can see some arresting gear and flotation baskets I added:

    Here you can see some arresting gear and flotation baskets I added

    A close-up

    A closeup of the floation baskets

    The added catwalk between the two gun positions, right under the flight deck:

    Added a new catwalk between two gun positions

    Some more flotation baskets and arresting gear

    Some newly added arresting gear and flotation baskets

    A lot of baskets next to the island location

    Some newly added arresting gear and flotation baskets

    The new catwalks right under the flight deck:

    changed the catwalk under the main deck

    top shot:

    Top shot

    I added some real chains to the anchors, they will be visible, you’ ll see:

    Created the two anchors

    Ready for painting!

    All setup for painting

    The next few pictures show the airbrushed flight deck and vertical surfaces of the hull:

    The next three shots show the island, what do you think of it?

    A lot to do left, much work is needed for creating all the small 20 mm guns, still have to make most of them.
    All the steel decks need to be painted by hand, like on the island. When painting is done I can start adding the detail items, such as the guns, masts etc.

    Weathering is the final step.

    I wonder how you think about it so far, let me know!




    Boris Kamp

    I finally fixed the hull of the 1/350 USS Essex CV-9 to the flight deck itself. All the 20 mm Oerlikon guns are fixed in position on both the flight deck and the island of the aircraft carrier. The 40mm Bofors guns have been fixed as well.

    I applied the decals on the flight deck, that is the reason you see the strange stain around the dotted white line, that’s from the gloss varnish. Anchors are placed in position with real anchor chains on the lower deck (no pictures yet, sorry). I fixed some other small details, but most important for me was the first weathering! that means we are getting somewhere, yay, cant wait to finish it finally som I can move on.

    I never built a ship before, and thus never weathered a ship before. With the help of some good pics I found out that a lot of vertical streaks are seen on the USS Essex CV-9 Carrier, so I placed dots of oil on the hull and started sweeping down with a wide brush with white spirit.
    I think the weathering came out pretty well, take in mind that I only did the vertical surfaces of the hull. I have to work to do the rest of the carrier.
    Rust streaks are the next step on the hull, after that I will start weathering to the flight deck and everything above.

    Here you see an overview picture of the weathered hull of the carrier:

    Finished with the painitng. started weathering

    Here is a better pic of the weathering

    USS Essex Weathered island

    One more overview shot:

    One more overview shot

    You can see the big difference between the weathered hull, island and the non weathered positions in front of the island.

    Uss Essex

    Note the anchor

    Note the anchor

    The last shot

    The last shot

    Still a lot to do, but I am making progress đŸ˜›
    Please let me know if you have any corrections or remark.

    Boris Kamp


    Boris Kamp

    This was the last part of the build log! The final result with an overview of all the build and final pictures can be seen here in my USS Essex CV-9 Showcase
    I hope you guys enjoyed my build log, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to help you out!


    Anthony Fuentes

    great work


    Boris Kamp

    Thanks Anthony (-:

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