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    I am beginning work on a Trumpter Essex CV-9 1/350 scale and my wife accidentally through away my directions. Anyone can help me attain a new se? Private messaged pics of the directions would work if anyone could do that, or refer me to where I might purchase them. Thank you.


    Boris Kamp

    Hi Mike!

    I was able to find the instruction on the internet and added them to the USS Essex product on MSM.
    In the right sidebar at the bottom you’ll see the link.
    Here’s the direct link

    Are you planning on keeping a build log here on this site? You know I build one?

    U.S. Aircraft Carrier CV-9 Essex (Trumpeter 05602)



    Hi Boris, Thank you so much for finding and sending me the instructions! I printed them at work today and they printed out very clear. I can read all the numbers and see the pieces well. This was my Dad’s ship from 1953 to 1957. He doesn’t know I am going to do the build. I am going to surprise him with it probably for his birthday in July or as a Christmas gift, depending on how my build schedule goes. This will be my first build since my childhood and those were simple models of cars. I don’t think I can expect to get the tremendous impressive results you have achieved with many of your builds, but I’m going to give it a go. I am not sure about the build log, but will explore that idea and may try to upload my progress. Thank you again and I look forward to using your site for further inspiration and motivation. Great Site!!!!


    Boris Kamp

    Hi @teewinot!
    Sorry for my late reply.

    Happy to hear those instructions are of use for you! good luck with them. That sounds like a awesome gift to him! let me know if you have any other question or seek any tips. Feel free to start a build log and I’ll try to assist you the best I can.

    Good luck Mike!


    Henk Menger

    Just received my MENG Russian 9K37M1 BUK Air defense missile system, scale 1:32.
    My problem is “I can’t find a Meng Color (MC) conversion chart. Al the colors have a MC-xxx number.
    They reference chart talk about AK color, but AK color have AK.xxxx numbers.
    My prefered paint’s are Vallejo Color or Vallejo Air.
    I hope someone knows where to find this color conversion chart!

    Kind regards,



    Boris Kamp

    Hi @heiko1952!
    Im sorry but I have no clue either.
    Did you contact Meng directly to ask them about the color?

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