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    Boris Kamp

    The past two days I have been busy reviewing and building the GAZ-2330 Tiger armored car by Meng Model. for the review, please see this link: GAZ-2330 Tigr Review

    I followed the instruction sequence and started with the chassis frame and body:

    Painted chassis frame - (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    chassis frame bottom- (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Bottom of the chassis frame - (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    finished frame chassis (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    The build of the frame was very easy and after some cleaning of the mold lines you have a very nice framework!

    I continued with the floor deck of the interior, the seats, dashboard and ammo rack:

    Interior painted - (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Painted interior GAZ (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    A detail of the dashboard:

    Dashboard detail (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    After that I proceeded to the hull part, first thing you need to do with it is applying the large and beautifully fitting decals! I sprayed the hull in Vallejo russian green first, after a gloss coat the decals were applied and fitted perfectly!

    In the following pictures I already glued the loose interior pieces in place as well, like the ammo boxes and the black tubes

    Camouflage decals applied (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Next up are three shots from beneath. Everything on the interior is finished and ready for weathering!

    Dryfit full interior (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    ceiling camouflage decals (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    interior GAZ-2330 (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Finally two shots from the exterior, note the PE (already grey because of primer) front grill

    The rear of the Tiger (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Dryfit of the hull (Meng 1:35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    I hope you guys liked it! if you have any questions, let me know!

    Thanks for watching!


    Boris Kamp

    In this update on the GAZ-2330 Tiger I will show you the paintjob on the exterior.

    After finishing the interior, I glued the chassis with the interior on it to the upper hull. The GAZ was ready for the paintjob!

    After masking some windows etc, I applied the color “Russian Green”  by Vallejo:

    Base color painted (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    painted in base color (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    russian green base color (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    base color airbrushed (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    That were the pictures of the base coat on the Tiger!

    While airbrushing, I painted a lot of other stuff as well:

    • doors
    • tools
    • weapons
    • rims
    • antenna’s
    • some rope

    multiple parts that need to be fixed (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Next up was applying the other two colors to create the three tone camouflage pattern! I figured the best way to do this was by had (brush)

    I used the colors described in the manual, and after some struggling finally managed to complete the hard edge pattern.

    Painting the details, unmasking and applying decals was next up and is shown in this update as well:

    Camo painted by hand (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    camouflage painted by brush (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    three tone camo applied (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    russian camo applied (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Here you can see the doors:

    the doors (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    interior of the doors (Meng 1-35 GAZ-2330 Tiger)

    Thats it for now!

    In the next update I’ll show some weathering and attaching the last pieces to the GAZ Tiger such as antenna’s, wheels, tools etc.

    I hope you liked it!


    Boris Kamp

    This build has come to an end! It was a pleasure to build this awesome kit, the final result and an overview can be seen in my GAZ-2330 Tigr Showcase
    Please let me know if you have any questions!

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