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Military Scale Modelling

Showcase: 1/35 Warrior MCV (Academy 1365)

Warrior MCV (Academy 1365)

Intro & Build

I bought the FV-510 Warrior MCV because it was a cheap and nice looking kit. Another reason was that I never build a personnel carrier before. It was one of my earlier builds!

This cheap kit builds pretty straightforward, detail is good

Painting and Weathering

First a primer was sprayed over the model after which a black preshade followed. The preshade is clearly visible on the pictures below. After the preshade I airbrushed the sand color. Everything was sealed with a gloss coat in order to apply the decals and start the weathering!

Decals were applied using a decal setter and softner to avoid silvering and flow the decals over the bolts and other obstacles. I used a heavy oil wash with a dark gray colour in order to replicate a heavily used vehicle! after the wash I used the streaking effect to create vertical streaks that appear on real vehicles because of the dirt/dust and rain. Some pigments were used to finish this project!


Im happy with the final result of Academy’s easy to build Warrior MCV! check the pictures below for the final result!


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