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Showcase: 1/35 Russian BTR-60PU (Trumpeter 01576)

Russian BTR-60PU (Trumpeter 01576)


The Russian BTR-60 is an APC developed in the late 1950’s and the PU variant is a turret-less command vehicle. It’s not a common subject you would see as a model, let alone in Algerian Army desert color scheme! And that, was the motivation behind this build!

The Build

This is truly a well engineered kit from Trumpeter, the level of detail is outstanding and the fit is very good all around! I was also happily surprised to discover that a full interior was included in the kit! Too bad most of it will be hidden once the model is buttoned-up!

In the painting process, a lighter base color tone was applied to some panels and hatches to give a little more volume and some punch to a monotone desert camo color!

And finally, it was nice to build, fun to paint, and a blast to weather!!! Will do another BTR from Trumpeter without a doubt!


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Russian BTR-60PU (Trumpeter 01576)

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