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Military Scale Modelling

Showcase: 1/35 R.O.K. Army K1A1 Main Battle Tank (Academy 13215)

R.O.K. Army K1A1 Main Battle Tank (Academy 13215)


The K1A1 kit from Academy is a really nice kit for a even better price (about $20). To give the tank a more realistic look i bought the LF1166 upgrade set from Legend. This set contains a lot of extra baggage and cargo (see picture). I really recommend to use this set because it adds a lot to the kit!

The Build

With a price of $20 I did not expect much of this kit, I was wrong! The kit build very easy and detail is good for your $20!

Painting and Weathering

First I applied the green base colour of the tank, after applying the green, I used poster buddies to create a mask for the brown area and airbrushed the brown colour. The white and black camo stripes are applied with a brush by hand, simply because it is way faster than masking and airbrushing!

Weathering effects are achieved with a drybrush, sandy oil wash, pigments and by airbrushing a thin mist of sand coloured paint over the sideskirts!


Academy’s K1A1 Main Battle Tank is one very nice kit with for a cheap price! It nicely builds into an not very often seen model of South Korea’s K1A1 tank!


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