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Showcase: 1/72 MIG 37B Ferret E (Italeri 162)

MIG 37B Ferret E (Italeri 162)


our local scale modelling forum in The Netherlands organizes campaigns every now and then where people can built kits of a specific category or era together. I entered a campaign that was all about rare, ugly and unusual planes with this Italeri kit. This Italeri kit is all about the fictional Russian Mig 37B Ferret E. The plane looks very futuristic, I like it’s looks but I can image some people might find it ugly. One thing’s for sure! this is one rare looking plane! and thus eligible for this campaign build.

The Build

The build was pretty straightforward, it’s a small kit that fits together in a decent way. Although I had to use some filler on the bottom of the wings, on top of the fuselage in front of the air brakes and around the tail wings, this little plane was put together in no-time!


Italeri gives you two painting options:

  1. Full black with red decals
  2. A two-tone color scheme with a white bottom and grey top with red and black decals.

I choose for the second one because I like the two-tone effect although black is more badass! I started with the grey color after applying some primer and a darker preshade color to create a nice tone difference! After applying the grey color it was time to mask the two-tone edge , I used Tamiya’s masking tape for this. Preshading was applied here as well!


Weathering was pretty basic, as told above, I used preshades during the painting process and thats basically it! I was too lazy to add some washes, only thing I added extra were some pigments at the huge flat shaped exhaust to create some smoke-like effects.


Italeri’s Mig 37B Ferret-E was a fun build to distract me from the bigger, long lasting builds! I goes together very well and aside from the putty this kit build into a cool fighter jet in no-time!


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