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Military Scale Modelling

Showcase: 1/35 M1025 Humvee Arnament Carrier (Tamiya 35263)

M1025 Humvee Arnament Carrier (Tamiya 35263)

The Build

The M1025 Humvee kit by Tamiya is a very nice kit, everything fits amazing. I build this Humvee during a “Desert Storm”  campaign. To create a much more detailed and better looking kit I used 2 extra sets (see sidebar)

I also built my first diorama. I’ve kept it fairly simple and created a road with the desert next to it. Ive used a wooden plank for the road, on top of it I glued sanding paper to simulate asphalt. The desert was created with model clay. After the clay dried I soaked it with thinned wood glue (thinned with water) and sprinkled fine sand on it to create the structure.

At last I painted everything with airbrush and added a traffic sign to the base.


This has been a great build for me! Please see the pictures below for the final result


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