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Military Scale Modelling

Showcase: 1/35 GAZ-233014 STS Tiger Armored Vehicle (Meng Model VS-003)

GAZ-233014 STS Tiger Armored Vehicle (Meng Model VS-003)


The GAZ Tigr is a Russian 4×4, multipurpose, all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle manufactured by GAZ, first delivered to the Russian Army in 2006. Primarily used by the Russian Federation’s armed forces, it is also used by numerous other countries and organizations.

The Build

I think this has been one of my fastest builds so far, it only took two months building this beautiful Meng Model kit of this Russian Armored Car.

The kit itself is a blessing that goes together very easy, only thing I would like improved is the ammo rack in the interior, but I noticed ET Model already made a beautiful PE set for the GAZ-2330 with a PE ammo rack!

I explained the build process in my build log of the GAZ-2330 Tigr on the forums here. The weathering was done this way:

  1. Apply a satin coat
  2. pinwash with dark brown color
  3. heavy dark mud wash on the chassis and wheelbases etc.
  4. applied pigment dark mud with a white spirit in the wheelbases, wheels, and edges above the wheel bases.
  5. sprayed a earth color on the side of the vehicle to represent dust
  6. a brownish orangish filter with the airbrush

that’s it! I let it dry really good and the model was done! check out the results below!


This model kit of the GAZ-2330 Tigr by Meng Model is one awesome kit that goes together very easily and build into a great looking armoured car! The decals are great and go on perfectly, Im very happy with the final result! please see the final pictures below and let me know if you have any questions.


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