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Military Scale Modelling

Showcase: 1/48 F-117A Nighthawk (Tamiya 61059)

F-117A Nighthawk (Tamiya 61059)


Having seen this plane on an airshow once, I was deeply impressed by it. I found this kit with two extras on an online marketplace for a good price, needless to say I  bought it instantly. I bought Eduard’s F-117A Interior set as well, in total I used three extras, see the sidebar.

Only one F-117A Nighthawk has ever been taken down, I’m going to duplicate that exact plane with the help of Twobobs decal set!

The Build

Most of Tamiya’s kits are very easy to build and have great detail, so does this one! Because of the shape of the plane, the kit consists of only a few parts and can be build very quickly.

During my build I decided to create a simple diorama with a bomb loader, I bought Italeri’s Combat Aircraft Support Group kit for this!

Painting and Weathering

I started of with a primer like I always do. After applying primer over the whole model, I started airbrushing the surfaces of the plane and varied with the amount of paint I sprayed in order to create different shades in the otherwise so boring surfaces of the Nighthawk. The landing gear and bomb bays received a simple dark oil wash and the exhaust was weathered using pigments!


Tamiya’s F-117A Nighthawk is very easy to build and builds up to an impressive replication of this impressive retired stealth attack aircraft!


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