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Military Scale Modelling

Showcase: 1/35 AAVP-7A1 RAM/RS (HobbyBoss 82415)

AAVP-7A1 RAM/RS (HobbyBoss 82415)

The Build

Early 2012 I started building Hobbyboss’s AAVP7A1 Ram RS. Here I’ll showcase my result and write down how I did things. I used Hobbyboss’s 1/35 kit and planned to build it straight out of the box without extra upgrade sets such as PE, that’s not what happened

I used Hobbyboss’s 1/35 kit and planned to build it straight out of the box without extra upgrade sets such as PE.
Hobbyboss’s AAVP7A1 Ram RS will be displayed in an open position that I made-up myself, see build log part #03.  The interior of the kit is great and I think it’s a shame to put a cover over it. I spent a lot of time on detailing and fine tuning the interior and this will all be clearly visible in the end.The only upgrading I did was scratching some brass wiring and scratching some stowage such as ropes and other small things.

To create a realistic scene to the AAVP7A1 Ram RS, I bought some MOLLE bags, figures and a drink set that I can add to complete the diorama.


I always prime my models with primer before applying a base coat, so did I with the AAVP7A1 Ram RS.  The three tone camo is airbrushed with tamiya acrylic paints NATO brown, black and green. To achieve the hard edge finish on the camo of the AAVP7A1 Ram RS, I painted the edges over with the NATO color. Just airbrushing would leave soft edge camo with a lot of overspray, you should spent some more time like I did and achieve this greater result. After the camo was done, I painted the details such as headlights. The interior is airbrushed with Tamiya’s acrylic XF-21 “Sky”


The interior of HobbyBoss’s AAVP7A1 Ram RS is weathered with different techniques. I did a minor preshade and did the rest with drybrushing. The drybrushing is done with different tones and colours to add more depth and variation to the interior, way more than what you would achieve with only one drybrush. On the walkways / floors I used an oil paint wash to add more depth to the interior. the wash was done after serveral drybrushes.

The exterior was weathered with pinwashes, drybrushes, streaking effect and pigments. At first I applied sand colored pinwashes over the whole model, after that I used the streaking method to create rainmarks and nice vertical lines. The pigments were next and were sprinkeled on the model, after applying I dipped white spirit on them to make them flow around the details, more on that can be seen on my dust effect tutorial. At last I created some spilled fuel on the left of the AAVP, and some spilled grease oil around the turret gun.


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