Jeremy Elliott

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  • @jelliott Hi Jeremy! welcome to MSM, glad you became a member. We’re a growing community and I’d love to know what your interests are regarding scale modelling (-:

    • Thank you Borussia! I build mainly 1/48 aircraft; however, I have picked up a few armor kits to take a swing at. I started modeling athe the age of 10 and built through my teens and early adulthood. I gave it up for about 15 years and now I’m back at it. I’ve been building again for the past 3 years.

      • Oh nice, I wish I had the time to build more aircraft (or anything at all at the time). I’ve built the 1/48 F-117 and F-14 and they are the eye catchers in my display case! Good you got back at it, you must me happy you did right? I remember me getting back at it after years of nothing, I really enjoyed it.

        Would you like to show of some of your…[Read more]

        • I could do that. I’m currently working on the Trumpeter TA-3B in 1/48. As soon as its done I could post a string of work-in-progress pics.

          • thats a nice plane! You can do either things or both:
            1. create a showcase with build AND final pictures once the build is finished, like with my F-117 as linked to above.
            2. start and keep track of a build log on the forums, this way you can update it during your build and we can view it, comment and help if needed.

            Glad you’re thinking about…[Read more]

            • I’ll figure something out. I’ll be on vacation for about a month out of country so it will be awhile before I get back to building anything. As soon as I get back, I’ll be sure to post something.

      • Perfect Jeremy, looking forward to it!
        Nice! Where are you visiting?

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